Geneva's passion for music started at a young age. While she was just a little child, she always was creative with making instruments out of nothing by herself and also got inspired by her family who played the piano and guitar. Always busy creating different sounds. Where music was played and made, Geneva was there!

When Geneva entered the entertainment industry, her journey as an DJ began. Unlike her other friends Geneva started at a young age visualizing herself as a DJ and how it would have been playing for a huge crowd at the biggest festivals and clubs. The music industry really fascinated her and she always stayed curious about every part of it, trying and eager to learn as much as she possibly could. With the money she earned from working in the entertainment industry she purchased her own dj set and kept practicing her skills with some dj lessons. Her focus at the beginning was to become a very skilled artist and to know the tricks of the decks to deliver quality, something she finds really important. Geneva’s style can be described as; rolling tech house with some groovy riddims, a style she developed over time by combining her own sounds together with underground tracks.


Geneva embodies energy and that is something you can hear in her sets as well. She’s really keen about the fact that it not only has to sound good but that she also creates an euphoric feeling when people are listening to her music. She definitely takes you on a journey from the beginning to the end! For her to take her career to a next level she started producing by learning how to compose music. As of now she’s on her way to produce entire songs. It's only a matter of time in which you’ll be able to listen to her very own music, a new chapter in her promising career.


Her music journey started out from her attic but now playing at several clubs in Rotterdam like Toffler and Now&Wow to bookings in venues like the A’dam tower in Amsterdam, the Hofhouse, beach club Boomerang in The Hague and also on different kinds of radio stations. Geneva just started her career but you can tell that this very talented artist is on her way to become a rising star. Her dreams extend beyond the Netherlands and her main goal is to be an internationally booked artist. So keep an eye out for this lady as she slowly conquers to industry, gig by gig!


+31 (0) 10 316 05 40

Cypresbaan 9
2908 LT, Capelle a/d IJssel