Vinny James, born in Rotterdam (1986) – he was born with a love of music. As a kid he knew his future would be in making music. He dreamed about becoming a DJ, and at the age of 15 years he made his first investment in that future. He bought his first record player and was instantly hooked. From now on weekends were filled with music, listening and exploring new sounds with his friends. He became a steady face at all the record stores in Rotterdam, because Vinny had found his calling, to be a DJ.

At 18 years old, Vinny had developed his own distinctive sound. He found his start as a teenager in real house and made his way to deep house, tech house and hard techno. In creating music Vinny can get inspired by anything and lets the music take him to that ultimate sound. But het best inspiration is his audience, the way they move to his beats and enjoy his vibes. That is best thing about this career. It’s his ultimate goal to be one of those DJ’s that if they hear Vinny James, people will want to be at that party!! To spread the love trough dance.

Five years after that first investment Vinny got his first brake at Club Vie Rotterdam; the perfect location to take his music to a bigger audience. Club Vie was – at that time – a trendsetter in the Dutch clubbing scene. His music caught on and he was offered a resident DJ position, and Club Vie was where he stayed for almost 6 years. He was living his dream and got many opportunities to perform with national and international famed DJ’s.

The next step. Vinny left Club Vie and accepted a residency at 1NUL8 in Rotterdam. This challenge set the stage to a whole range of new audiences. He got to perform at the biggest clubs in the business and at in- and outdoor events. Vinny is known for his professional attitude and his enthusiasm in the DJ booth. Alle sets are off the highest quality, recorded and you can find them om his Soundcloud channel.

Places VINNY JAMES is known for:
Metz on Sunday, 1NUL8, FridayClub, Latin Lovers, Vrijdagborrel, Saturday Club, Morgen Events, Leo’s Borrel, Crazy Sexy Cool, Sexy By Nature, A Day At The Park, De Tuin in Kralingen, Club Villa Thalia, Neon Nights, I Am Vinny James, It’s All About The Music, Hugh Rotterdam, Gersfeest, Broodrooster, Marbella Nikki Beach, Amsterdam Dance Event, Under The Bridge, Club Nora, Club Bed & Escape Amsterdam.


+31 (0) 10 316 05 40

Cypresbaan 9
2908 LT, Capelle a/d IJssel